This is what @e_fink had to say about the proposed Cordoba house which will be built in the vicinity of the WTC site.

"If you are asking me, which you aren't, I say support the Cordoba House and the brand of Islam they espouse and perhaps get involved a see it for yourself if you are not convinced. Working together will go a long way."

Now, the claims Rabbi E. Fink raises in his blog are pretty strong and, in my opinion, must Conservative talk about it make no sense. But there is one thing Fink doesn't touch in his article, and that is the issue of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. The Imam is the one who is going to be the head of the supposed mosque within the Cordoba Center.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf's sayings about the Western World is a known fact.

This does not have to do with the location of the mosque, and just how far the mosque is from the WTC site (See @dovbear's tweet). It's the Imam's opinions alone that gets me scared about what kind of "tolerance of difference and community" (as their website states) will be promoted there.
בטלן - Batlen

Really I’ve no problem even with a masque inside The WTC, but Imam Feisal Abdul isn’t recognizing Hammas as a terror group, that should alarmed us what his concerns is under this project.

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